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This studio is hands down the BEST in Southern Colorado. The shop is very clean and artists are both friendly and professional. They are true artists, bringing anything you can envision to life on your body. Don has done a lot of my work and I wouldn't trust my skin to anyone else. LOVE THIS SHOP

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Def the real deal. Don did an incredible job covering up a bad tribal design I had done years back. You can't even tell that a tribal was ever there. This shop is very clean and professional and highly recommended.

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I'm in the military and have been inked all over the country. When I got here a couple years back, I did a lot of research for a good shop and a great artist. One of the best ways I judge a shop is by the work. I ran into a few people with outstanding work and they got their pieces from Don. His finished work is the beset reference! I've been going to him and suggesting his shop to everyone thats interested in getting some ink. My friends that I suggested go there love the work he and Bobby have done on them! Whenever I leave the Springs, I'll probably come back solely to have Don do more work on me. One thing I've learned - Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good. I recommend his shop to anyone!!!!

Last year I shopped around for an artist in the springs for a while. After visiting many websites, shops and artists portfolios I ended up choosing the first place I had visited in a long line of searching. (I should have just gone with instinct initially) The individuals at this shop are unsurpassed creatively, artistically and technically. I would send anyone, looking for fabulous work and tattoos to add to the human physique, to art in motion. If you don't believe me look at the work. I think it speaks for itself!

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I researched a lot of shops in town before deciding to go to Art in Motion and I am SO glad that I chose this shop! The focus in this shop is QUALITY... body art is permanent, and I appreciate that the artists take pride in their work and do not rush the tattoo just to get another body in the chair. And if you want the most talented artists... then this is the place to go. Don did my first tattoo and I get compliments on it every single day. Bobby is working my second tattoo and I swear it looks like I'm wearing a painting. Truly gifted artists. I have been to this shop three times now, with my fourth visit already scheduled in three weeks. Every time I go I am more impressed with how clean the shop is, how professional the people are, and how fantastic the art is that walks out of the place. I will never go anywhere else...

Art in Motion Tattoo is the best tattoo parlor in Colorado Springs. I have been going to them for the last 5 years. Don Davis (owner/artist) has been working on my art since the day I walked into his shop and I could not imagine going to any other shop to have art done. I highly recommend Don Davis as an artist and Art in Motion as your choice for new art. There is no tattoo shop in Colorado Springs that even comes close. Sanitation is paramount, the shop is always supremely clean. Body art is a permanent decision, make sure you choose your artist wisely! You will not regret going to Art In Motion!

I spent a great deal of time looking for a good Tattoo shop in the springs to work on a detailed tatto i was interested in getting. I am more than pleased with the work that they do at this shop. Don had some awesome ideas on how to make my Tattoo stand out and it turned out amazing! I am completely and totally satisfied with the entire process.

Tried some others and have to say, Don @ Art in Motion is by far the top artist in the Springs. His line work, shading, attention to detail are just superior. If you are looking for a true one of a kind piece of art, one that has people stopping you to remark on just how nice the work is, then seriously, look no further. Don't buy into the hyped up studio's with questionable reviews or studios that beg for reviews. Don is a class act, a great conversationalist and an amazing artist!!!!!

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If you can dream it up, these guys can do it. And, they can make it look good. Almost too good. This is the little tattoo shop you will tell all your friends about after you've had art done there. It doesn't look like much when you walk in, basically a 90's-ish office space with various tattoos on the wall, but the artists that work here are the best in the city. I've had work done by Bobby. He is truly a professional. That man knows exactly what he's doing. Bottom line: Don't choose your shop until you talk to these guys. The prices are incredibly reasonable for the quality they put out.